Security of Wireless Networks

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This is a focus subject for the Information Security Track. It's normally held by Srdjan Capkun.


This is more of a survey course than an in-depth treatment of some wireless security problems. Each session covers a different topic in wireless security, going from the basics of wireless communication to secure localisation and time synchronisation schemes. No real knowledge electrical engineering is required, although it would not hurt to have some background in that area (especially when it comes to spreading schemes).


  • Jamming and Anti-Jamming
  • Secure localization
  • Security of WiFi networks

Lab sessions

This course has mandatory lab sessions in which students can apply their knowledge of MAC filters, WEP, WPA and DSSS. Students also build directional WLAN antennas as part of these labs. For each lab session a written report has to be handed in. The lab reports make 20% of the final mark. There are no exercises apart from the lab sessions, which take place every two weeks.


The exam for this course is oral and held at the end of the semester rather than during the exam session. It is not a difficult exam, but the protocols and problems presented in the lecture must be precisely known.



Additional Material


The recommended book for the course is EW 101: A First Course in Electronic Warfare, by David Adamy (Artech House Radar Library). It is available at the CS library.