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This Master Track is now called Theoretical Computer Science.


Focus Courses

26 CP must be earned in this category.

3 of the Following Courses

Autumn Semester

Spring Semester


Two seminars must be taken.

Autumn Semester

Spring Semester

Remaining Courses

Autumn Semester

Spring Semester

Elective Courses

24 CP must be achieved.

Multidiscipline and HuSS Courses

8 CP and 2 CP must be achieved, respectively.


The following professors can be mentors for students in this track:

  • Ueli Maurer: Information security/cryptography
  • Angelika Steger: Combinatorial structures and algorithms
  • Emo Welzl: Theory of combinatorial algorithms
  • Peter Widmayer: Datastructures, algorithms, and applications
  • Stefan Wolf: Quantum Information