E-Privacy: Privacy in the Electronic Society

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This lecture gives an overview over privacy in the Internet: how it is realized today, what issues are, and how it can be improved. In addition there is an "introduction" into cryptography from a mathematical point of view.

Topics (2012)

  • Laws in different regions
  • Privacy Policies
  • Automated Privacy Policis (P3P, APPEL)
  • Data Releasing: Anonymization, Pseudonymization
  • RFID: Privacy implications

  • Anonymous Credentials
  • Commitment Schemes
  • Encryption
  • Identity Management Systems


The material from Karjoth is quite well understable and learnable (resembles a bit a GESS course sometimes). The material from Camenisch was quite hard to use for learning. There exist quite a handful of mistakes in formulas and a lot of the important stuff is missing in the slides or not stated explicitely. Understanding what is really going on can easily take you days. Yet it turned out to be not relevant for the exam (2012).

Exam (2012)

It was a 1 hour written exam, and there were too many questions to answer them all. Most of the questions were quite "simple", in such that they asked stuff like "What ist the problem with P3P?", but the amount of questions made it difficult. Most of the questions only gave 1 (of 46 max) points.

Many small questions on the part of Karjoth and a couple of slightly bigger questions on the part of Camenisch. Note that no (!!) mathematical prove or reasoning was required at all (no zero knowledge, etc.). The questions were more tailored towards concepts and existing implementations (e.g. what laws exist in the US, what is the benefit of an automated policy system vs. manual reading of policies, etc.).