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Proposals for solutions

Old solutions

Last year (FS'14), there were master solutions. Find them under Datei:DMDB Kossmann fs14 solved.pdf

You can use those to get inspired for the new assignments, as both are mostly the same.


On 2015-04-15 Prof. Gustavo Alonso talked to the students present in the lecture about their feedback which they gave a few weeks before. In particular, the wish of the studs for master solutions was discussed. According to Prof. Alonso, the teaching team is very busy and doesn't have the time necessary for providing master solutions to all the exercises.

This place is supposed to solve the problem: students as well as assistants can publish their solution or the official one here. Each assignment shall have its own page so that anyone can use the "Diskussion" button (top left) to discuss potentially errnous parts of the solution. Prof. Alonso points out that correcting solutions pusblished in this wiki takes much less time than formulating a complete master solution. Therefore, the assistants can cover more material and help ensuring the correctness of our solutions published here.

If enough people participate, this page will provide a complete master solution for each assignment by the end of the semester. However, the success of this project strictly depends on the participation of everybody.