Cryptographic Protocols

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This is a focus subject for the Information Security Track. It's usually held by Ueli Maurer and Martin Hirt, and as of FS17, it is held in English.


Cryptography is not really a prerequisite for this course; only a very small portion of the material is re-used and it's not a problem to acquire it during the lecture.

Compared to the cryptography course, the lecture is less abstract. It is still proof-based but the proofs are a means towards reaching concrete guarantees about a system (for example secure broadcast). If your mentor requires you to take a crypto course but you are not very mathematically-inclined, this course is better suited than Cryptography.

Quite complete lecture notes (in German) are provided by the lecturers. English lecture notes are currently being written and improved.


  • Zero knowledge proofs
  • Secure multi-party computation
  • eVoting


  • There are weekly non-obligatory exercises. They are meant to be solved during the 2 hour tutorial session rather than taken home and handed in the following week.


  • This course has an oral exam



Additional Material